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We Aussies are no strangers to damaging storms, heavy rain, and cyclones.

Sometimes nature takes its course and rain and storms impact our lives, so we’ve put together some helpful tips on how to prepare for storms and cyclones this season.

How to storm-proof your home

You can better protect your home from the damage storms can create. Storm-proof your home at this time of the year by:

1.Ensuring trees in your yard are cut back with dead branches moved away from your house
2.Maintaining your roof by keeping your gutters clear, securing loose tiles, and fixing sealing leaks
3.Installing shutters or metal screens if you are in a cyclone-prone area to help prevent windows breaking
4.Preparing your emergency plan.

Safety preparations before a storm

Before a storm approaches you should always make sure you:

1.Tie down or store away any outdoor furniture
2.Move vehicles undercover and secure boats in a safe anchorage
3.Tape your windows in an X pattern with strong packing tape to reduce the chances of windows breaking during high winds
4.Bring your pets and unsecured items inside your home
5.Unplug all appliances, and turn off your electricity, gas and water (in a cyclone).

If you are evacuating, lock all doors and windows securely, and make sure you get an emergency kit to be ready for storms and emergencies.

Safety preparations during a storm

During a storm, if outside you should find a safe place to shelter yourself from the storm. When at home during a storm, stay in a stairwell or small room (like a bathroom or basement). If you’re driving, make sure you stop somewhere away from power lines and trees.

Contact the SES on 132 500 if you require assistance.

Tune in to updates (radio/TV)

Listen to your local radio station and watch TV for warnings and fire updates. This information can help you work out if the fire has passed or if you need to evacuate.

Check your local State Government disaster and alerts website.

With these tips, we can all enjoy a safe and happy Winter season!

This article is for general informational purposes only and must not be taken as legal, financial or any other professional advice. We recommend obtaining advice specific to your situation before making decisions relating to your investment property and financial position.

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