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Have plans for this weekend? Why not get out and explore our backyard! - Quinninup Falls

Quinninup Falls Cape to Cape track Quinninup Falls
Our stunning South West is home to some spectacular natural beauty so be sure to check out Quinninup Falls.

Everybody loves a waterfall. The trickling of the water is soothing and calming; perfect to de-stress and relax. Plus, they make for stunning photos.

The journey to Quinninup Falls is every bit as beautiful as the falls taking in views of the spectacular granite cliffs and coastline. It is not too challenging, about a 45 minute walk along a section of the Cape to Cape walk track. The sudden change between the ocean and sand dunes and the waterfall is surprising. One minute you can hear the wind and the waves crashing against the shore and then you step down into a small, quiet, green sanctuary and the sound of the rushing waterfall takes centre stage.

This very beautiful and peaceful waterfall is well worth a look and best of all it is free! Be sure to take a camera.

Best tip: If there’s been recent rain, there’s a good chance the Quinninup Falls are flowing.

How to get there;
To get to the falls, park your car at the Moses Road carpark. On your left you will see toilets and a viewing platform and to the right is the path to the falls. At the start of the path there is an information map showing the Quinninup Falls trail. As you are walking along keep a look out for the Cape to Cape Track signs.
The path to and from Quinninup Falls varies from flat and easy to rocky and uneven. There are also few big sand dunes that are a breeze coming down, but physically challenging climbing up.
The view is breathtaking and well worth the effort. At the start of the walk you can see and hear the waves crashing against the shore and surfers enjoying the ocean. There is a bridge with a stream running underneath it, you then walk out into red dirt plane before the land dips and weaves and Quinninup Falls appears.

Safety first! Before you leave, make sure you tell someone where you are going, take plenty of water and allow yourself enough sunlight to get there and back.

Image by RA Andersen photography
Quinninup Falls Cape to Cape track Quinninup Falls

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